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Millions of people search for local businesses online every day. The question is – when they do so, are they finding you?  A well built and engaging website is your online storefront and essential to the growth of any business. If you do not have a website for your business, it is time to consider establishing your online presence with one. If you have a website, but it is not working for you, perhaps it is time to seek professional assistance.


Above all else, your site also has to be found. No matter how attractive and easy to use, your website must be built with specific topics in mind and updated regularly in order to appear in local search results. Ziplocal’s ZipSites service ensures that your business is found by your customers.

ZipSites offers 2 great website options, perfect to meet the needs for any business owner. No matter how technologically savvy you are, or how little time you may have, ZipSites has an option to meet your needs.

Benefits of the ZipSites Business Solutions

An online storefront to help increase business and local exposure to new customers.


ZipSites allows your business to reach new customers through a well-built, regularly updated and easy to find website. ZipSites perform well in online searches, look great and even work on mobile devices. The best part? Your ZipSite can be fully managed by our team of professionals, allowing you to spend time managing your business.

If you enjoy managing your own online content and only need assistance developing a strong platform that performs well in search engine results – ZipSites can help with these needs as well.


Features of ZipSites Business Solutions

No matter which solution you choose, ZipSites creates the online presence necessary to reach your customers when they need you most.

ZipSites E-Commerce Solution

Features all of the benefits included in the Premium ZipSites Solution as well as:

  • An Online Store where you can sell your products.
  • SSL Certificate

ZipSites E-Commerce Solution is perfect for retail business who would like to expand their customer base by offering online purchases.

ZipSites Premium Solution

Features all of the benefits included in the Full Service ZipSites Solution as well as:

  • 8-15 Pages
  • Optional E-Mail Capture
  • Logo Creation
  • Up to 5 PDF Forms
  • Ability to Add Addition Page Bundles

Premium ZipSites are the perfect solution for business owners that want to take their website presence to the next level.

ZipSites Full Service Solution

Features all of the benefits included in the Starter ZipSites Solution as well as:

  • 4-8 Pages
  • Upgraded Features like event calendars, blogs, coverage area maps, pop up forms, and more.
  • Concierge services including updates and contact with our digital support team whenever needed.
  • Custom Website Forms.

Full Service ZipSites are the perfect solution for business owners that are not technologically savvy and need assistance building a strong foundation for online success.

ZipSites Starter Solution

Features all of the benefits listed below:

  • 1-3 Pages
  • Custom Domain Name
  • 2 Set of Monthly Changes
  • Responsive Website Design for Mobile Optimization
  • Keyword Analysis and Report
  • Professional Copy Writing
  • Search Engine Optimized Images
  • SEO Groundwork like Sitemaps, and Unique Page Titles and Descriptions
  • Up to 5 Custom Email Addresses
  • DIY Access to Your Website Upon Request
  • Premium Analytics and Monthly Performance Reports
  • Access to Our Digital Support Team for Support

Starter ZipSites are the perfect solution for business that are just establishing their online presence.

 Add-On Services

Whois Protect: keeps your contact information private, helping you maintain full control over your privacy and the use of your domain name.

Additional Domain Names: helps increase your search ability despite misspellings or other typos by those searching for your business online.

Additional Email Addresses: 5 additional address or an additional 20 addresses.


What Our Customers Say about ZipSites…

“The one challenge that we were facing is that we weren’t getting to the online crowd. In the fast changing market everyone was searching online for companies and businesses. Ziplocal offered that website which really tapped into that market and allowed us to find new customer bases…It brought new customers to us…The process was really very easy…It was so easy to make changes, I made a lot of changes…I’ve been to a lot of other companies websites and I knew what I wanted…We were ready for the growth that Ziplocal brought to us…I would absolutely recommend Ziplocal to other companies. The only thing that I would tell them is to make sure that their company is ready for the growth.”

Woodhill Farms Nursery

If you are ready to expand your online presence and grow your business, contact Ziplocal today. A ZipSites web specialist can help evaluate your unique business needs and recommend the product that is right for you.

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