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284 million — that’s the number of active users on Twitter. If that number is mind boggling, consider that over 50 million tweets are sent PER DAY!

Statistics show that of the users that Twitter has on its platform, almost half of them are using the app at least once a day, and almost one-third of them are checking Twitter multiple times a day. Without even running the numbers on that, it should be apparent how powerful this social platform can be.

Statistics also indicate that almost half of all Twitter users that follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that company’s website, and three-quarters of those users are more likely to purchase a product from that brand. Twitter allows consumers to feel more directly connected to a brand or organization when they engage with them on Twitter, which leads to more visibility and greater brand loyalty.

Here are some simple best practices to wet or refreshen your Twitter whistle:

1. Keep it up: You may have gone through all the trouble to set up your account and establish your footprint in the Twittersphere, but it takes a bit more than that to maximize on the space. In order to maintain a ‘healthy’ Twitter profile, you must tweet regularly. Don’t work toward gaining followers and then allow them to forget about you by disappearing.

2. Optimize your Twitter bio: Your Twitter bio can be SEO optimized. Be sure that you clearly represent your brand and company, but do so in a way that utilizes keywords and a link to your brand’s website.

3. Engage with your peers (The right ones): You should quickly find that every industry has a few key people and influencers on Twitter. Do some searches and locate those individuals and develop relationships with them. You’ll find that Twitter can often be an equalizer and is a powerful tool to grow your community. Make friends with the experts in your field and keep a close eye on the industry.

4. Followers follow: While you don’t want to use Twitter as a consistent way to shout out your promotions, you can occasionally and specifically ask your audience to do something specific for you. Have a message or post you’re trying to maximize? Ask your community for a retweet. Looking for more eyes on a Facebook post? Promote it on Twitter and ask for a ‘like’ or a share. Often times your community will step up to the plate when you’ve built a loyal following.

5. Find your favorites: To ‘favorite’ a tweet, you simply click the small gray star icon underneath it. ‘Favoriting’ a tweet gives a virtual nod to the person that sent the message and this appears in their notification feed. Spending time each day in your feed and ‘favoriting’ the content that you find engaging is a great way to build your own brand awareness while also supporting the content of your peers.