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customerThere are many reasons Ziplocal loves to work with small businesses. Small business exude passion when it comes to their unique products and services. Small businesses represent innovation and entrepreneurship. Small businesses have heart.

In the spirit of seeing our small businesses survive and thrive, we would like to share several customer-focused suggestions for small business success.

Take the time to get to know your target audience. Who is your customer? How does your customer like to receive information? This strategy uses a combination of observation methods. Not only do you need to take notice of who physically walks through your door, but you should be savvy when it comes to who is patronizing your business and social media channels online. Not sure how to take advantage of online analytical information about your customers? That’s Ziplocal’s department – we can help you use information collected by your website and social media channels to benefit your business.

Engage with your customers. Once you have determined who your customers are, then you can build appropriate engagement with your customers. The beauty of small businesses in the personal connection that customers feel to you and your product or service. Designing your website in a way that is easy for your customers to navigate and posting pertinent information on your social media channels are two ways Ziplocal can help you in this department.

Think of feedback (both positive and critical) as essential information. When you engage with your customers, you are bound to receive feedback, both appreciated and perhaps, unwanted. Feedback from customers can make or break a day in the life of a small business owner. Change your mindset and begin thinking of feedback objectively. Use not-so-positive feedback as a check-in for and evaluation of current policies, operations and product details. Use glowing reviews as tally marks in the “This IS working” column. You might also feature those glowing reviews on your social media channels. Ziplocal is happy to help you spread the good news! Talk to us about options for your small business today.