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Today, a robust social media presence for a business is no longer optional — it’s expected. Have you ever considered how your business rates, in terms of social media? If you feel yours leaves something to be desired, we can help.

We at ZipLocal recently launched several packages under the umbrella of ZipSocial which caters to small businesses with a variety of needs and budgets. The three packages—Connect, Go and Ignite—each offer viable solutions for business owners who want to “up” their social media game.

Connect ensures that your business is successful in the social media game and is well positioned to compete with and beat the competition; Go provides a mobile business solution featuring a state-of- the-art “on the go” email capture engine and provides easy access to all of your contact info, social world and professionally written monthly blogs; and Ignite provides a comprehensive package that combines the power of both.

Want to learn more? Let’s connect to discuss a social media package that fits your marketing needs and budget!