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Reputation Management on Blue Puzzle on White BackgroundAdopting social media can mean a lot of opportunity for businesses. But with that opportunity comes some risk. The good news is there are measures in place to help you minimize or manage risk. Here are a few practical ways to do this in a corporate setting:

  • Develop a social media policy guide and implement it. This is one way to ensure a company’s brand is being protected, from both a trademark and a public relations perspective. The same discretion should be applied to company employees and their personal social media accounts. What are employees not allowed to post about the company? What are the consequences for an employee’s failure to adhere to the social media policy?
  • It is a good idea to seek legal counsel before investing in a social media program, to avoid violating trademark law. For example, an attorney can advise on such matters as registering the company’s brands as user names on social media sites, clauses dealing with online use and monitoring third-party use of a company’s brand.
  • Monitor your reputation regularly. When someone searches for your business, you want them to easily find you, along with all of the positive things being said about you. Unfortunately disgruntled customers or former employees can harm your business with negative comments. Consistent monitoring can help you address problems before they escalate into PR nightmares, as opposed to just taking a reactive approach.

The takeaway? Take a proactive approach to the social media realm from the outset and you’re less likely to experience problems. The peace of mind is worth some work on the front end. Is your company willing to make the investment?