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Concept of creative business idea with drawing businessmanWeb developers and designers are creative. That is why they are web developers — they creatively develop beautiful things with ease.

But even we have a hard time being creative ALL the time. Here are some great ideas we like to use when we’re stuck. Give them a try, and they could help your business, too!

Release your inner child

Go back to the basics. Build blocks or Legos. Go play on the playground or shoot some hoops. Do whatever you had fun doing as a child. This may seem counterproductive, but the best ideas come when you let loose and free your mind. Ideas come when you aren’t thinking about them, but make sure that when you do have an idea you write it down. Ever had a great idea in the shower? That’s your creative mind at work.

Get the blood circulating

Do something fun, exhilarating and active. You could go as extreme as skydiving or as mellow as jumping on a trampoline — anything to get your heart rate pounding, the blood circulating and the creativity flowing. This is because confidence is key in creativity. When will you ever feel more confident than when you jump out of a plane (or on a trampoline if you are conservative)? 

Brainstorming never hurt anyone

As long as you don’t think too hard, brainstorming won’t hurt you. Combine this with the building blocks, and after the plane jumping, you will have a great brainstorming session. It is a great time to get all the ideas in your head and invite more to enter.

No idea is a bad idea 

Ok. Some ideas are bad ideas, but they can lead to even better ideas. Never take an idea off the table or exclude it from a list during a brainstorming session. Think of all the reasons it is bad and how it could be improved. You might be surprised by the subsequent ideas it leads to.

Here’s to many great ideas ahead!