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23200694_SChange is part of business and life. But not everyone welcomes it for various reasons. Still the fact remains that companies must evolve and adapt to the changing climate to remain competitive. There are several strategies for change management you should consider adopting before introducing a major shift:

Start from the top: Look at your management team. They should be competent and aligned on the cause. What’s more, you should establish measurable goals for transitions. What will come out of it? Excellent change managers are solid communicators and know how to manage expectations so there are no surprises.

Involve employees in decision-making: Many organizations ask after changes are in the works. But you’ll likely find your message will be better received if you engage employees in the process. Employee engagement survey tools can help streamline the change process.

Divide and simplify: Begin by introducing the change into only one division of the company. Doing this can allow you to determine how your employees might respond and if your message or approach needs tinkering.

Be open: It’s not enough to communicate the change, then assume that employees are ready to go. Instead look for feedback regularly–through surveys, team meetings and company-wide emails. Then use that feedback to adjust your change strategies.

If your company has been through significant change recently, how did you approach communication? Feel free to share what worked (and didn’t) on our Facebook page.