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10274662_MIt’s something you learn in Marketing 101: Know your audience. But the reality is that many companies take this principle for granted. Here are several ways you can miss out if you don’t take an intentional approach to market intelligence:

1. Generating more followers: If you know your audience, you know what kind of content they will most identify with. Knowing what your audience wants to see can increase your reach and exposure and can result in an increase in the number of followers and fans across your networks. This in turn can translate into increased sales.

2. Personalized offers: It’s human nature. People respond better to messages that are personalized. If you know your audience, you can personalize deals and offers to specific audience segments.

3. Word of mouth: When you really understand your customers, you can create positive experiences for them that they will share with their network. Hello new customers!

4. Real-time feedback: Launching a new product? Adding new features? Why not engage your fan base to get their opinions? Twitter now offers a platform for that.

5. Networking with influencers: Know your audience not just as a group but as individuals. Who are the big influencers among your audience? Such insight can help you pinpoint the people who can help improve your reach and reputation.

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