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2577156_SIt’s amazing what can happen when you check your ego at the door. Here are some reasons why embracing humility in a leadership role can actually help drive profits.

Humbleness can help you attract the right employees.

Some executives can be ego-driven, short and unapproachable. This leadership style tends to turn away quality people. When more people want to work for you, you’ll have an attractive pool of candidates from which to draw.

Humbleness can help you retain employees.

There’s more to a job than just the daily grind. Factors like company values, culture and leadership come into play. Employees will likely rally around a leader who they feel is on their side as a colleague and mentor.

Humbleness can help give perspective.

When you delegate tasks and leave the day-to-day operations to your staff, you can lose perspective. It’s easy to forget how hard people work while the company or the company’s leadership takes credit for employees’ ideas. Plugging in every now and then can help you find a new appreciation for your staff and their efforts.

Humbleness can sharpen your business acumen.

A humble leader is not afraid to elicit feedback. After all, this criticism could save you money in the long run if you correct course sooner rather than later. You want people who are passionate and care about your decisions, because this means they’re invested in your company and want to help you.

Humbleness can be hard to master, as it’s not always in our nature. But if we rise above our insecurities we might find that it makes business sense.