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4615227_SAh, spring is in the air, and with it often comes the urge to tidy up. But cleaning house is not limited to…well…one’s house. Your business can benefit from some housekeeping. Here are a few ways to get your business in tip-top shape:

  • Purge paperwork. Are there records you’ve been hanging on to for no reason? Get out the shredder if they’re sensitive, or otherwise toss them in the recycling. Clutter can weigh you down, and no one needs that in their day.
  • Change passwords. It’s best practice to change your password every few months for security reasons. Don’t want to go through the hassle? Apps like LastPass can do the work for you.
  • Speaking of technology, don’t forget about digital clutter. It’s a good idea to get your computer tuned-up once a year for optimal performance. And don’t forget to back up those important files!
  • Get out the cleaning products. Chances are your computer screen could benefit from a wipe down. It’s never a bad idea to disinfect your desk while you’re at it. If you have a storefront, don’t forget about windows. You don’t want dirty windows to send the wrong message to customers.
  • Freshen up your books. Is your accounting up to date? Remember, work now will save you headache when tax time rolls around again.
  • Don’t forget about your marketing presence. As spring is a time of rebirth, it’s the perfect time to rebrand or try something new. Don’t forget we can help with such projects!

What items are on your spring cleaning list?