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7794899_SAs entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday grind and operate on autopilot. When was the last time you considered this ever-so important question: Why are you in business? If you can’t easily answer this question, you might have some work cut out for you. Here are three reasons you should keep your why at the forefront of everything you do:

  1. It’s grounding. Most ventures take longer, cost more, and earn less than you think, at least in the short run. And there can be lots of setbacks along the way. If you’re only doing it for a paycheck, it can be easy to throw in the towel in the early stages.  However, if you believe in yourself and your concept, it’s easier to go the distance. You’ll likely appreciate your success more, given the struggle.
  2. You have an end game in mind. Your “why” is the reason your business has staying power. You create great products or offer exceptional services for your customers because it’s critical to your mission. You hire and train quality staff because it’s vital to your purpose. Your customers feel taken care of.  These practices aren’t means to an end; they are ends in and of themselves.
  3. A sense of purpose is contagious. Think about your network for a moment. Why do they support you? They likely love what you do and want to be part of it. The same goes for your workforce, especially Millennials. This generation is known to be socially conscious and those values often extend to their work lives. They want to participate in meaningful work in their careers. Since Millennials will dominate the workforce in a few years, having a clear and engaging purpose will become essential to talent acquisition.

Why are you in business? What drives you to get up every day and do what you do? Share your comments on our Facebook page!