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36542187_SLooking to build your client base on the cheap? You might consider giving these tried-and-tested strategies a shot:

1) Ask for referrals: Your existing customers are important but new customers are golden. Do existing customers have an incentive to refer their friends and family to you? You might consider offering some sort of loyalty program with perks like discounts and free products. It’s amazing how much stock consumers will put into their friends’ and family members’ recommendation.

2) Give away knowledge. Brand yourself as the go-to expert in your industry through seminars or workshops. For example, if you’re a local computer business, you can give free seminars at local small business groups and chambers of commerce on how to make technology useful for their business. If you own an auto shop, you could hold a workshop on basic car care and maintenance.

3) Get creative with offers and events. Research upcoming unusual holidays and plan deals around them. For example, July 23 is National Hot Dog Day. If you own a restaurant you could sponsor a contest encouraging submissions for the most creative hot dog creation. July is National Parks Month. You could introduce a match where a percentage of sales is donated to the local parks department. Whatever you do, alert the media and you might get some press to boot!

4) Invest in content marketing. Platforms like LinkedIn make it possible for you to publish regular content and distribute to a wide audience. Create guides, reports, best practice articles and case studies that serve your audience well. For example, a real estate agent might publish a detailed breakdown on home ownership costs and how much to budget for the first home. The type of people searching for that content are a perfect fit for their services.