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53006095_SWhat makes a great brand great? Take a cue from some of the most successful businesses and embrace the following three elements:

Consistency: This refers to every touch point–from branding to the actual delivery of the customer experience. Do your marketing pieces flow and complement each other? Are you using recognizable colors, graphics and brand voice? When customers buy your product or service, is the quality dependable? These are all factors that need to be taken into account.

Focus: The “jack of all trades, master of none” business mentality does not serve most companies. That’s because you run the risk of coming across inauthentic and generic. Determine what defines you as a brand and stay true to that. Customers will respect that approach more than a brand that just latches on to what’s trendy.

Community Investment: Many businesses exist not only to turn a profit to make the lives of employees, customers and the community at large better. While giving back in terms of money is one approach, it really comes down to a general attitude of gratitude. This in turn can engender brand—and business, loyalty.

Which one of these qualities can you improve on in 2017? How will you go about it?