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42922751 - woman smiling at office during working dayThink for a moment about your workspace. Is it neat and tidy? Controlled chaos? Somewhere in between? The condition of your space does matter–and can affect productivity. Not to mention, it also sends a message to clients and staff about who you are. Are you sending the right message? Follow these tips to make your office work for you:

1. Go paperless. Apps like Evernote make it easy to manage notes and collaborate with others. Goodbye sticky notes!

2. Shine some light on the subject. It’s proven that light can affect mood (and productivity). Warmer lighting is best suited for calming and soothing environments. You might consider a floor lamp to add both form and function.

3. Art matters. What inspires you? For many, images of nature are an instant pick me up. Others might appreciate abstract art. Find what speaks to you and go with that theme.

4. Change up your morning beverage. Are you on an energy drink kick? It might be time to rethink this choice, as these drinks are loaded with sugar and other unhealthy additives. Unsweetened green tea is known to increase energy–and you’ll save yourself a few calories.

5. Snack smart. Are you tempted by unhealthy vending machine snacks? Plan ahead so you don’t make poor choices that can leave you lethargic. Almonds, granola bars, trail mix and apples are all healthy choices you won’t regret.

With these tips, you can seize the day!