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44476093_SHave you ever felt like a poser in your personal or professional life? Do you ever feel like you haven’t achieved “enough” to be seen as a credible source? These thoughts creep into our minds at every stage in the game. Blame it on Imposter Syndrome. How does one slay this nasty monster? It starts with realizing we are human and all make mistakes. Instead of dwelling on our failures, take some time to focus on your strengths and how you can best apply them. Consider these three ways to move past this mindset:

Help someone without expecting anything in return. Seek out, or at least be open to, people who are experiencing problems you might be able to tackle. You might pleasantly surprise yourself with your depth and scope of knowledge and how your peer can apply it.

Be humble—but not too humble. It’s OK to own your success and acknowledge our role. Sure, no success happens in a vacuum, and there are many factors involved that come together to form the whole package that is you. While some people are privy to certain opportunities that others aren’t, that doesn’t negate the effort put forth. Success is no accident, even if the cards are stacked in your favor.

Work through doubt. Questioning ourselves every so often is normal and healthy. Whenever these feelings take over, you are best served to examine and articulate your doubts and anxieties. Sometimes putting pen to paper is the best way to overcome and find a solution to the problem.