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45525534 - businessman doing yoga. vector flat illustrationMindfulness. It’s more than a buzzword. It’s a way of life. And the best part? You don’t have to limit it to your personal life. You don’t have to attend a weeklong yoga retreat to embrace the basic principles. Yes, mindfulness in leadership can serve you and your team well. Consider these three ways to improve your interpersonal relations at work:

Be More Present: Meetings are a time when people tend to zone out, which is counterproductive for everyone. Consider adopting a “resetting” break at the start of a meeting by observing a two-minute long moment of silence. During that time, you might find your mind fixating on the nitty gritty, like who’s picking up the kids or what’s for dinner. Instead, try to recenter and refocus on the task at hand. People should leave the meeting feeling calmer than when they first entered it.

Create: It’s proven that activities that require use of the right side of brain can help us tap into creativity and innovation we didn’t know we had. For example, the mere act of coloring in a coloring book designed for adults can be a way to detach and unplug from life’s stressors. If this option doesn’t fit your workplace culture, you might consider going to an offsite painting studio or even enrolling in cooking classes as a group. Don’t underestimate the power of creative expression in developing a team.

Sleep: There’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep–and the research backs it. People who succeed in the business world tend to make a point to get more shuteye. They also tend to be more patient and understanding with employees. If you struggle with falling asleep right away, you might consider guided meditation or listening to some calming music before bedtime. Sleep tracking apps can help you make see patterns and tweak as necessary for optimal sleep.

Mindfulness may be trendy, but the truth is, people need it more than ever. What do you have to lose?