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48538103 - stopwatch - lunch timeMany news outlets have reported that the traditional lunch hour is dying a slow death. No longer are people taking a midday break to hit the reset button. Despite the research that underlines the need and importance of a lunch break, business people are opting for working straight through the work day. While this is done in the name of productivity, it’s actually not a good long-term approach.

The harsh reality is that burnout is more likely to occur and reoccur. So the solution? Carve out some time for a break. Whether it’s enjoying a meal or engaging in an activity, there are plenty of ways to come back invigorated.

Here are a few productive ways to enjoy time away from the office:

Leave the office: Whenever possible, get out of the office to clear your mind and move a little. Take a walk outside or exercise at the gym, and you’ll do your mind and body a favor.

Take a nap: If you work from home, this is a tip you can easily embrace. Sometimes a few minutes of shuteye, i.e. a power nap, can be just what you need to get through that mountain of work.

Attend a course: Nowadays a wealth of information on virtually every topic is at our fingertips. Sometimes diversions in the form of continuing education can help you approach problems differently.

Volunteer: Helping others can be cathartic. Whatever your passion or interest, you may be able to find a way to make a difference in an hour or two a week. Places like food banks, animal shelters, and need both hands on and behind-the-scenes help. You might even end up making a new friend or two from the experience.

Read: The most successful people devour books. Whether you read for pleasure or career development, there is no shortage of options. Audio makes make it easier than ever to consume information on the go.

Catch up with a friend or coworker: Relationships can make your time at work more fulfilling. Bonding with colleagues outside the workplace can go a long way. Schedule the occasional lunch with your peers and reap the benefits. If you like yo keep your professional and personal life separate, you can still unwind by calling a friend or family member to decompress.

What’s your favorite way to break up the work day?