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10799408 - loving hands design.As a business owner, you should always be evolving and growing. One way to do that is to give back through volunteering. Here are three benefits to philanthropy:

1. Learn to give selflessly. Something special happens when we give of our time, talent and treasure without expecting anything in return. Don’t worry too much on how much you can give. Know that even the most modest of contribution can make an impact. You also never know what kinds of rewards you’ll experience that could positively impact your business.

2. Build your professional network. It never hurts to widen your circle. Your next client or vendor might be volunteering alongside you. Many entrepreneurs are often more willing to connect with someone who shares similar values.

3. Become a better problem solver. Each and every business, including non-profits, has its own set of challenges and obstacles. By coming at them from a third-party viewpoint, you have the advantage of being objective. Plus, there is less on the line when it’s not your business. What better way to learn than by removing self-interest from the situation?

While philanthropy can open up new worlds, it’s important to set out with the right intentions. If your primary motive is self-interest, then you’ll be likely to turn people off. It also helps to find a cause you that impassions you.