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3 Marketing Lessons From Food Trucks

34587687_SFood trucks are an ubiquitous part of American culture in cities large and small. No longer just a coastal phenomenon, food truck culture is permeating our society. While food trucks have a specific corner of the market, their success can teach business owners in every industry a lesson or two. Here are three ways you can build on their momentum:

1) Get hyper-local: Seasoned food truck operators know where and when to go to attract the most business. By analysis of trends, they are able to build and implement a marketing plan. Even if your business isn’t geographically defined, you can find ways to meet customers where they are, both literally and figuratively.

2) Go where the action is. The mobile nature of a food truck means operators can evaluate and pivot as necessary. While your business may not be mobile in nature, you can still enjoy similar success. How can you offer your product or service in a smaller setting?

3) Find your niche. All the best food trucks have some sort of way to draw people in. It could be a vibrantly painted vintage truck, cool signage or even the way staff remember customer names. These subtleties can mean standing out in a competitive landscape. If you have a brick and mortar, how can you make the store more welcoming and appealing to customers? What can you do to make them choose you over a competitor?

We challenge you to work on one of these strategies this week and report back to us. What worked and why?


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