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It’s probably no surprise to you that 75% of total online searches are done through Google. In fact, 90% of searches on mobile devices are Google searches. There is just no denying that they are the most powerful player in the game when it comes to accessing users online. As a marketing agency, we recognize that being found on Google is imperative to our clients’ success. Because of this, we made it a priority to become a Google Partner.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner?

It means that we have been qualified by Google and earned specializations in search advertising. It also gives us access to training and support so that we can be sure to keep up to date and follow the practices that have been outlined by Google. As a badged Google Partner, we have demonstrated advanced knowledge in Google Ad advertising products. We have the know-how to help you develop a successful search advertising campaign.

What is search advertising?

Search advertising is also referred to as pay-per-click advertising. When you conduct a search advertising campaign with Google, you select some search terms, Google shows your ad to users that search for those terms, and then you pay Google a fee every time your ad is clicked. Sounds easy enough, right?

Choose ZipLocal to Manage your PPC

While the concept is pretty simple, there are many steps to creating a successful PPC campaign. Selecting keywords, creating engaging ads, and managing the campaign to maximize results all take expertise that can only be learned through experience and research. Why waste your own time on trial and error, when you could be getting results now? When you choose ZipLocal to manage your PPC, you get all of the benefits of our Google Advertising product knowledge and experience in driving paid search results for our clients.