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Navigating Your Marketing Strategy During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global issue. Both small and large businesses have felt the effects of social distancing and orders to quarantine. Certain areas of the country have closed stores and services, with the hope of slowing down the spreading of the disease.

As a result, classic business practices have been forced to adapt to fulfill the unique needs of both business owners and consumers.

People are spending more time inside and away from physical storefronts and interaction. As a result, remaining active and taking initiative online has become increasingly important for businesses, as it allows them to continue to grow and generate revenue during this unprecedented time.

As more people turn to the internet to answer questions and look for goods and services, making sure you have a healthy online presence is imperative if you want to be their chosen provider.

In addition to attracting new business, it’s essential to keep your customers updated on your current operations and plans for the future, especially as information about COVID-19 and government responses are continually changing. By having a consistent message on your company’s website and social media, you can keep the people who rely on your business informed.

Even if your workload has slowed down because of closures or restrictions, using online strategies to grow brand awareness is critical. While potential consumers are scrolling their social media, your ad could very well cross their feed. Right now, the entire purpose of your ad may be to simply increase your business’ reach rather than promote a deal or special, and that’s OK. This situation is a perfect time to get your name out to as many people as possible.

Sites like Google and Facebook are prioritizing information about COVID-19 in their search results and calculated news feeds. When you create a post or share an update on your website about your company’s response to the virus, that message will be treated differently than other updates and more likely to show up. Make sure to continually update your web presence during the pandemic and beyond–not only to keep your customers readily informed but also to reach more people as they search for local businesses to help fill their needs.

As you aim to grow your clientele, take the opportunity to focus on the realities of the present situation. Depending on your influence, you could be a centerpiece of offering local service and inspiration. Yes, making money is your ultimate goal, but using advertising efforts to help out your community and spread optimism as everyone adjusts to a new way of life could be beneficial to you in the long run.

Eventually, life will return to what it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. People will be outside, traveling, and doing everyday things. If you stay strong and shift with the tide during the current stretch, your efforts will be rewarded when things settle down. Improving brand awareness, establishing your online presence, offering service, and spreading hope within the community will positively reflect on your company.

Despite the change in our current way of life, shaping your business’ online brand is more important than ever before.