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Social Media Trends: How To Utilize Them For Your Business

Marketing on social media can be overwhelming. There are so many different platforms, and your strategy has to change to match, add continually changing trends and rules, and it’s a lot to keep up with! But don’t worry, we’re here to help break down some of the biggest trends and changes for you. Here are a few of the upcoming social media trends to keep your business competitive in the social media sphere.

1. Social Listening

This is especially important right now. You want to know what your customers are saying and what they care about. People will often tell you what they want; you just have to listen. By listening to what’s going on in the world and what is happening on social media, you can post relevant content and avoid the backlash of insensitive posts because you weren’t listening to your customers.

2. Video Content

We’ve all been hearing a lot about the short-form video sharing network, TikTok. It has skyrocketed in popularity the last few months, and with Instagram recently adding the Reels function to their app, it’s clear that other platforms are taking notice. This is a trend that has been growing over several years, as we have already seen Instagram stories become more and more prevalent, and Facebook add its stories feature in 2017. Video is the most consumable content for users and is a great way to get your message across and speak directly to your audience.

There are many ways to utilize video content, such as recording short promo videos, mixing in some helpful tips regarding your industry, or even funny videos. Putting your company out there and giving it a voice makes you more relevant and real to a potential or existing customer.

3. Less Focus On Likes

When social media first became dominant in the marketing field, likes were everything! It was one of the ways to track your engagement and what your customers’ liked seeing. Instagram has talked about removing likes, and if that’s the case, you will need to rely on something else to measure the success of your posts.

Rather than focusing on likes, many companies are shifting their focus to measuring how many views their content actually receives. Because of the popularity of social media, the market is now more saturated, meaning it can be challenging to get your content in front of your target audience. This is where paying for ads can help. By purchasing ad spend, you can tailor your audience to reach a specific consumer type, produce content just for them, and feel confident that they will see it. You can then measure your ads’ success through analytics and use that data to measure the impact of your campaigns.

You can also measure how engaged your users are by tracking the comments and shares of your posts or your stories’ views. Users that tag friends, share your content, or comment are generally the most engaged.

4. Using Social Media To Communicate Important Updates

How did you find out if your favorite store or restaurant was still open during the pandemic? Did you check their Instagram or Facebook page for an update? We did! You can provide your customers with up to date information about your business and make it easy for them to find. Suppose you’re planning on closing for renovations, updating business hours, or opening a second location; that information can easily be made into a post to keep your customers in the loop.

These are just a few trends that you can expect to see on social media. By keeping these things in mind and tuning into social media yourself, you can help keep your business relevant and thriving!


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