Advanced Reviews

Send a text message to your customers requesting reviews and track results in our user-friendly dashboard.

Month To Month, No Contract!

It’s a fact that online reviews are now an essential decision-making tool for consumers. It’s also a fact that people are more than two times more likely to leave a review about a bad experience than a good one. How do you encourage happy customers to review your business? Advanced Reviews by ZipLocal is the solution! Advanced Reviews makes it easy for you to request a review through the dashboard and simplifies it for your customer by giving them a direct link in the message.

Browse your reviews to see what people have been saying about your company on the web. Read below to get customers to sing your praises.

Just 4 Easy Steps!


Log into your review app.


With consent, enter the customer’s name and cell phone number.


Choose review source and send review request!


Customer receives your request and reviews your business!

Benefits of Advanced Reviews

  1. The Advanced Reviews dashboard allows business owners to quickly reach out to customers to encourage better online reviews which can improve conversion rates.
  2. Sending a text message not only reminds the customer to leave a review but makes it easy by providing them a direct link.
  3. The user-friendly dashboard clearly displays your results so you can keep track of new reviews.

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