Local PPC Advertising Services

Can You Find Your Business On Google™? Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest way to get your business on the first page of search results.

Get prime visibility for the searches most relevant to your business! Local Pay-Per-Click gets you seen by more potential customers through the sophisticated targeting abilities of Google™ AdWords Express.

Choose the Local package that’s best for you


Local PPC management in a very affordable package

$200 + $40

(Monthly AdWords Budget +
Management Fee, Respectively)

$100 one-time setup fee



Local PPC management with a more competitive budget

$350 + $70

(Monthly AdWords Budget +
Management Fee, Respectively)

$175 one-time setup fee


Local PPC management with the most aggressive recommended budget

$500 + $100

(Monthly AdWords Budget +
Management Fee, Respectively)

$250 one-time setup fee

All Packages Include the Same Quality Account Management and Core Features

Google Listing Created, Claimed, & Verified as Needed (listing must be live on Google before ads can run)

Targeting Options: Exact City Limit Focus OR Single Zip Code Hyper-Focus

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

Dedicated Account Manager

Monthly Updates: Ad Testing, Category/Keyword Optimization, Budget Pacing Review, and more!

ZipLocal Requires “Owner” Status for the “Google My Business” Account for the Duration of the Campaign


Where are local PPC ads placed?

Local PPC ads use your Google My Business listing, so they show up in the local listing or maps section, allowing you to be found where potential customers are used to finding local businesses.

How can local PPC help my business?

Like traditional PPC using Google™ AdWords Express places your ad on the first page of search results, allowing you to achieve instant search visibility, and only pay when someone actually clicks your ad.

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