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See why our customers love Ziplocal Business Solutions.

Customer Success Stories & Testimonials

Small business owners seeking a competitive edge in the local marketplace consistently choose Ziplocal for comprehensive business solutions. Ziplocal’s clients have watched their businesses grow with professionally designed websites, videos, Search Engine Optimization, and print advertising. Learn more about how Ziplocal’s services can improve your small business’s local presence by viewing testimonials below or on our YouTube channel.

Customer Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

C2C Carpet Cleaning

“I was looking for an affordable, effective means of advertising, and I do believe that the phonebook is that venue; and Ziplocal really does provide an effective and affordable means for accomplishing that goal. It is a challenge, but Ziplocal has met that challenge for me and I’m very satisfied. The support, the process, is very simple….I have tried other solutions, and I think the thing I like about Ziplocal is they met all the criteria I needed. In addition to being very cost effective, reasonable, and reaching a wide range of my customers…Ziplocal is an affordable means to reach potential customers. I would recommend Ziplocal to others based on several factors…Ziplocal provides all those things that a small businessman needs.”

Servpro of St. George

“We have a rep that actually cares about our business. He’s not just here to sell an ad, he’s here to help us achieve our goals…They do a great job of getting things done on a timely manner and making that process so it’s painless. And I don’t even have to think about it, and then I can be more productive with my time…We have proven results that many of the people that call us, they call us because they saw our ad on Ziplocal. Make sure that you put room in your budget to be on Ziplocal. If that’s the only directory you do, then do Ziplocal, and you’ll get results for your business.”

Jackson Mattress Shop and Furniture Company

“Jackson Mattress Shop has tried every form of advertising and over the years it seems that I reach more people with Ziplocal than I have with any other advertising combined. The benefits that I have seen that I didn’t expect from Ziplocal is the internet, online services. It’s reached a whole different clientele that I didn’t ever touch before. They are very knowledgeable, they know what form of advertising, what part of it, works best for my business which is a big load off my mind…I have stuck with Ziplocal because they’re the most recognized, and the most trusted.”

Rocky Mountain Cleaning and Restoration

“The variety of products that Ziplocal offers is phenomenal. It’s allowed us to advertise in multiple avenues between their website design and the yellow pages; and also working with major search engines through Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Some of the significant improvements that Ziplocal’s offered for us is business growth, through advertising presentation which has helped us establish ourself as a leader in our industry. The customer support with Ziplocal has been fantastic…Their website design and management was great to work with…Their customer service is always friendly and prompt. They just do a very good job, it’s like talking to a friend…I would definitely recommend Ziplocal to others, in fact, I already have. What I would tell them is how great, or how easy they are to work with, and how affordable they really are.”

Aspen Leaf Recording and Production

“I think Ziplocal looks like a great way to help expand our business, attract new business and new clientele. Getting up and running with Ziplocal was a breeze…Working with Ziplocal is only another great way to build exposure and client base here at Aspen Leaf Recording. I would certainly recommend Ziplocal, from what I know now about their many services to other clients of mine that have their own businesses. I think it would be a great opportunity for them, and for others.”

Woodhill Farms Nursery

“The one challenge that we were facing is that we weren’t getting to the online crowd. In the fast changing market everyone was searching online for companies and businesses. Ziplocal offered that website which really tapped into that market and allowed us to find new customer bases…It brought new customers to us…The process was really very easy…It was so easy to make changes, I made a lot of changes…I’ve been to a lot of other companies websites and I knew what I wanted…We were ready for the growth that Ziplocal brought to us…I would absolutely recommend Ziplocal to other companies. The only thing that I would tell them is to make sure that their company is ready for the growth.”

C. Edward Adams

“Ziplocal has been very cooperative with me in trying to get the word out in multidimensional media. This is something different.”

Louis Murray

“Ziplocal worked for me, because I have tried other avenues of advertising, nothing really panned out. I got to Ziplocal and they have been coming in like crazy. It’s the best internet advertising if not the best advertising I have done to date.”

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