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Showcase Your Business with a Professional Video

Did you know that 86% of Americans watch videos online every month, and that those same people watch over 43 billion videos a month? YouTube has quickly become the second most searched website on the Internet and thousands of businesses are taking note – including your competitors. Ziplocal now offers ZipClips, a television quality video service that helps spread the word about your businesses in a way that your customers will remember.

ZipClips Benefits

Increase interest in your business with  ZipClips videos.

ZipClips shows your competitive advantage in a rich and interactive way. Our team can help your business create a Video Lite slideshow set to music or produce a full 30 or 60 second television quality video that will increase traffic to your website and better engage your customers. Videos can provide a big boost to your search engine optimization (SEO), especially when you work with our sales team to select relevant keywords that your customers are searching for. ZipClips increase your search engine rankings, increase the retention of your marketing message and raise customer engagement – which can equal sales.

  • When you have a video on your landing page you are 53% more likely to rank on the first page of a Google search.
  • ZipClips keep visitors on your site longer, more than twice as long as texts and photos do. When customers watch your video, they are 85% more likely to purchase a product or service.
  • ZipClips watchers remember more about your business. After online browsing 10% of potential customers remember text, 65% remember pictures and 95% remember video.
  • Approximately 68% of people who watch videos online share them with friends or family. Optimizing your marketing budget.

ZipClips Service Options and Features

There are several options available for creating your ZipClips videos.

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Video Lite

Video Lite ZipClips are created from 8-10 images that you provide to our staff. We recommend using photos of your actual employees, customers, and products. These images can then be set to music or a voiceover, showcasing the story of your business and how you serve your customers.

30 or 60 Second Videos

ZipClips can also take the form of complete HD commercials that last as long as 30 or 60 seconds. These videos can also take the form of how-to videos, tutorials, tours of your store or other information to promote yourself as an expert in your field. ZipClips are professionally taped, on location and edited by our team of talented SEO experts.

ZipClips is Simple!

No matter which option you choose, your approved video will then be posted to your listing on, YouTube and your company website – increasing traffic to your site and engaging customers.



What Real Customers Say about ZipClips

“Jackson Mattress Shop has tried every form of advertising and over the years it seems that I reach more people with Ziplocal than I have with any other advertising combined. The benefits that I have seen that I didn’t expect from Ziplocal is the internet, online services. It’s reached a whole different clientele that I didn’t ever touch before. They are very knowledgeable, they know what form of advertising, what part of it, works best for my business which is a big load off my mind…I have stuck with Ziplocal because they’re the most recognized, and the most trusted.” Jackson Mattress Shop and Furniture Company

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