ZipSocial: Social Media for Business

Take your business from socially awkward to socially savvy!

Social Media Marketing For Business: Get Social. Get Noticed!

In today’s ever changing digital marketplace more and more businesses are asking for cost-efficient and ROI driven solutions for their social media marketing needs! ZipSocial has the answers to business social media – we’re ready to do all the heavy lifting for your brand to standout even more online!

Benefits of ZipSocial

Our Social Media business solutions blend together affordable social and mobile marketing solutions that work in concert with existing ZipLocal business solutions! Take the headache and confusion out of social media with our simple solution that includes a professional team of writers, designers, and technical experts. Let ZipSocial business social media solutions transform your business from ‘socially awkward’ to ‘socially savvy’!

Effective Social Media Stategy

ZipSocial: Social Media for Business

No matter what your social media needs are, we have a ZipSocial solution for your business! The benefits of adding social marketing tools and strategies to your other ZipLocal business solutions will make your business standout even more in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

What Our Customers Say About ZipSocial

“I must say that I have been very impressed with the simplicity and power of this product (ZipSocial). With a professional writer posting content on Facebook and Twitter, it takes me only minutes a week to manage my social marketing. Very rarely do I change much of anything. All of my social media needs are met.” The Court Tennis World Doubles Championship

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