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Business Solutions from ZipLocal

ZipLocal is dedicated to helping small businesses across the country grow through exposure online and in print directories. Our mission is for you to be seen and heard by customers actively looking for your. A few of our services include:


By combining a suite of four digital products, ZipOnline tools can help your business stand above the competition in your area, wherever you are in the country. ZipOnline provides all the content, local targeting, video and web design you need to get the attention of interested customers and search engines alike.


It can be hard to compete against big box retailers in your area, but our ZipMobile and ZipLoyalty programs can help. With mobile marketing strategies, we can help retain your current customers and spread the word through promotions, surveys and mobile sales. Almost half of the traffic online comes from smartphones, so target your customers on the device they use the most?


Did you know that 74% of adults are still using printed directories? Printed directories are a classic way to keep your marketing efforts hyper-local. By listing your business in a print directory, you’re ensuring that your advertisements will reach a local audience with annually updated information in an easy to use format.

Internet Marketing

When was the last time you used a search engine to find information? Chances are good you’ve used a popular search engine like Google recently. Whether you’re searching for local restaurants or services, search engines are a powerful tool for businesses like yours. Through SEO tactics, directories and reviews, we will ensure that your business is connected to popular keywords used by interested local customers.

Marketing Services

Knowing your online voice matches the tone of your physical business is one of the advantages of working with a marketing company like ZipLocal. Our content professionals have your back by connecting your audience to your business through engaging content that targets their interest. We improve and refine your company’s image through a professional, engaging voice in every marketing strategy we undertake.

PPC Services

Sometimes it’s not enough to just optimize your website. PPC, or pay-per-click, Services launches you to the top of search results pages when your customers search for keywords related to your website. This allows you to cut through the competition and put your business’s website front and center. Our in-house PPC experts know how to match you with the most effective keywords to draw in the most business.

Digital Marketing

While search engines are crucial to marketing online, there are many other strategies ZipLocal can implement to help your business become more visible. Through improving your website, adding video, quality content and creating banner ads. All of these strategies create a wide-cast net across the web to attract customers looking for exactly what you offer.