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Telephone Directories for Local Businesses


ZipLocal is a print advertising agency that offers local businesses an excellent way to get seen by potential new customers in their area. We got started in this space nearly 50 years ago and continue to provide practical business solutions to our customers. Classified telephone directories have been in use for over a century, so it has proven itself to be a tried-and-true method for reaching a larger audience base. All these years later, well over half of adults in the United States are still using printed directories to find local businesses and the product or services they need.

If your business needs help finding customers, print advertising in classified pages can get you in front of a large number of people who are looking for businesses near them. This means you will reach people in your area who are looking through listings with the intent to buy the types of products and services you offer. Creative print advertising is what will set you apart from the rest and entice customers to dial your phone number for more information. Strategic advertising through print media could be your ideal solution for quickly and easily standing out from the rest of the competition.

What are the Advantages of Print Advertising?

We offer practical business solutions by handling your print advertising campaign at every stage from beginning to end. Placing ads in print telephone directories is precisely where the most active, local customers are looking. When it comes to local businesses, traditional media offers advantages that you should not ignore. There is still a large portion of your potential customers who use print directories to narrow down their search to only regional businesses located near them. Many people want to support the businesses in their community and look to print advertising to point them in the right direction.

These are some of the benefits of having local print advertising for your business:


Your advertisements will reach customers in your local area, according to their unique buying patterns.


Our creative print advertising provides the information your customers need in a format that’s easy to browse. It will include ads, maps, seating charts, and other helpful information.


Your advertisements will be listed among all other businesses that choose to advertise via the Yellow Pages in your coverage area.


Your print advertisement or listing will be updated annually or more frequently as the directory is published.

What Do Print Advertising Services Include?

You can choose between the following telephone directory services to create a solution customized to meet your business needs:

Available Features

Full Color Classified

ZipLocal’s professional staff can help you create an expert direct mail advertisement that stands out with color graphics and photographs.

Front or Back Cover Advertisements

Place your company’s message on the front cover, back cover, spine, or even on a removable magnet or sticker.

Several Sizes to Choose From

Local print advertisements are available in full-page, half-page, and even double full-page sizes.

Business White Pages Classified Listing

Allows those who are looking for your business to find you quickly, in an easy-to-read section.

When local customers need services or products quickly, they look to printed classified listings such as the Yellow Pages. This is where many potential customers find the businesses in their area that offer the products and services they need. If you’re not part of these listings, you’re essentially not a part of the conversation. Don’t let your business go unnoticed by people who are ready to buy and are actively searching for the best deal among local competitors. Get in touch with our print advertising agency to speak with a sales representative and learn more about advertising through print media today.

Print Advertising Solutions with ZipLocal

Our print advertising agency can handle all your marketing needs. Let the professionals at ZipLocal help you reach your business goals by gaining access to a broader audience searching for products and services like those you offer. With a well-executed print advertising campaign, you can appeal to your target audience and gain new leads from strategically positioned ads. We got our start as a print ad agency in the early 70s when our company placed ads for businesses in local phone directories. We’ve evolved as technologies have advanced, and we now offer a comprehensive list of marketing services in the digital sphere as well. However, advertising through print media continues to be a major sales driver because of the number of people still searching for information through this medium. If you don’t take advantage of the available ad space in print publications, you could lose out on gaining new leads and generating a lot of possible revenue. If you’re ready to break into the print ad space in an impactful way, our print advertising agency is the only one you need to call.

Place Your Ads in Local Telephone Directories

Our print advertising agency is happy to discuss your options and get you all of the details you need to answer your questions. We offer creative, informative, and results-driven print advertising that will capture the attention of your audience and encourage them to learn more about what your company provides. It can be challenging to acquire new customers when there’s so much competition, but local print advertising narrows down the options to the best in the area. Make sure you’re a part of the action by reaching out to us to manage your print advertising campaign.

To make the ideal decision for your business and get the services that could most satisfy your marketing needs, it’s essential to speak with one of our experienced professionals. We have the experience and knowledge of the print advertising industry to guide your campaign in the right direction. Just reach out to the team at ZipLocal to learn more about our creative print advertising solutions and how we can help you achieve your business goals. Getting in touch is easy, with our convenient online contact form, so don’t delay. One of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.