Print Advertising to Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

Classified telephone directories have been in use since 1878. More than 140 years later, 74% of adults are still using printed directories to find local businesses they need. Does your local business or service company struggle to find customers who are ready to buy? A print advertisement in the Yellow Pages may be your ideal solution for quickly and easily setting yourself apart from the competition.

Benefits of ZipMedia Print Directories

ZipLocal’s ZipMedia business solution allows your business to place advertisements in print telephone directories – exactly where the most active, local customers are looking.


Your advertisement will reach customers in your local area, according to unique buying patterns.


Our directories provide the information your customers need in a format that’s easy to browse, including ads, maps, seating charts, and other helpful information.


Your advertisement will be listed among all other businesses that choose to advertise via the Yellow Pages in your coverage area.


Your advertisement or listing will be updated annually, or more frequently as the directory is published.


ZipMedia Business Solutions

ZipMedia allows you to choose between the following options to create a solution customized to meet your business needs

Available Features

Full Color Classified

ZipLocal’s professional staff can help you create an expert advertisement that stands out with color graphics and photographs.

Front or Back Cover Advertisements

Place your company’s message on the front cover, back cover, spine or even on a removable magnet or sticker.

Several Sizes to Choose From

Advertisements available in full page, half page, and even double full-page sizes.

Business White Pages Classified Listing

Allows those who are looking for your business to find you quickly, in an easy to read section.

When local customers need services or products quickly, they look to printed classified listings such as the Yellow Pages. Don’t let your business go unnoticed by customers who are ready to buy. Contact your ZipLocal sales representative to learn more today.

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