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Add Holiday Flair to Your Marketing Campaign

December 12, 2022

Website Designer

The holiday shopping season traditionally amps up right after Thanksgiving. Although, 66% of consumers say they would like to complete their shopping as early as possible. Companies should capitalize on the good cheer and winter season spending trends by incorporating holiday elements into their marketing campaign. Here are some suggestions for increasing marketing success during the holiday season.

Create a Holiday Marketing Campaign

Utilize a variety of marketing techniques to reach customers with a holiday campaign, including online advertising, newsletters, social media, holiday events, email blasts, promotions and giveaways, and holiday displays in-store. The use of a special holiday theme is helpful to tie the campaign to your specific products. Consider appealing to the senses by focusing on the feelings, sounds, sights, scents, or tastes of the season in your choice of theme and accompanying materials.

Incorporate Holiday Spirit

Shoppers are not just in the market for gifts, they are buying into the holiday spirit as well. When you offer holiday elements in your environment, such as window displays, decorations, and Christmas music, you can tap into the nostalgia that your customers have for the magic of their childhood holiday experiences. Whether it is in your physical location or your online presence, consider using old-style fonts, retro graphics, and vintage Christmas photos to harness the holiday spirit.

Offer Discounts

Shoppers are always in favor of saving money, but during the holiday season sales grab extra attention. Strategize early regarding which items to discount and how to structure your sales promotions. One idea is to offer one large discount to attract the bargain shoppers, or you might have a string of new short-term promotions each week to incentivize return shoppers. Discount codes and digital coupons are low-cost ways to reach a large audience, boost customer engagement, and retain your consumer base.

Appreciate Customer Loyalty

While you undoubtedly are eager to bring in new customers, take time during the holidays to appreciate shoppers who have been loyal to you in the past. Studies show that repeat customers bring in almost 2/3 of your sales, so it’s important to reward them and encourage them to keep coming back. Offer special gifts to your existing customers, like deep discounts or early access to new products. Holiday cards delivered the traditional way are another great way to say thank you; consider delivering them at Thanksgiving to stand out from the deluge of cards delivered at Christmas and Hanukkah.

Give the Gift of Convenience

While discounts and decorations are appreciated, time is of the essence during the holidays and nothing will make your customers happier than some time-savers. Use the following suggestions to make the season less hectic for your shoppers:

  • Provide gift suggestions, including ideas for bundling multiple items into a single perfect gift
  • Create gift lists on your website for different age groups and areas of interest, including hyperlinks to the product pages for ease of purchase
  • Offer delivery options to save pick-up time
  • Offer gift-wrapping services as a special bonus

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