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Local SEO Onboarding

We are excited to work with you on your Local SEO. Thank you for allowing Ziplocal to be your partner in your ongoing success. Google Locals are a key ingredient in making sure your business can be found by your customers as well as provide a way to acquire new business within your market. As you prepare for your Welcome/Onboarding call there are a few items you can help with. If you need help with any of these that is ok and we can address those on the call.

Lets Get Started

Who will be the POC (point of contact) for your Local SEO?

We like to have a primary POC as well as a secondary just in case. Please provide the name(s) and email address for each POC.

step 1

Google Business Profile Manager

In order to access your GBP (Google Business Profile) we will need to be added as a manager to your profile. We only require manager access in order to optimize your listing. You, as the business owner should be the owner of your profile. In order to grant manager access you will need to log into your profile at business.google.com This will bring you to the locations portion of your profile manager. This will provide a list of all profiles that you have access or ownership of. Here you can see the status of your listing. We want to gain access to the verified listing if you have more than one.

Google Business Profile Manager
Step 2

Google Business Profile

From this view you will click on See Your Profile. This will open up a Google Search with your business information. You will click on the three dots to access. From here you will click on Business Profile Settings.

ZipLocal Google Business profile
Step 3

Business Profile Settings

The Business Profile Settings will allow you to select the Managers Tab.

Manager Tab
Step 3

Add Manager

From here you will add fulfillment@ziplocal.com and make sure the access level of Manager is selected. Click Invite and we will receive a notification. You’re done!

Add Manager tab

Additional Information

The purpose of this form is to assist us in maintaining the accuracy of your business profile and ensuring that the posts we share align with the specific content you wish to present to your local market.

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