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The Power of Video in Enhancing Your Brand’s Visibility

Video marketing stands out as a compelling tool for elevating a brand’s visibility and connecting more effectively with audiences. Ziplocal now has video packages designed specifically for businesses. You can use these videos to tell the company’s story, interact with customers, and achieve desired goals. Videos are a dynamic medium that can help businesses engage with their audience effectively.

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Why Video Marketing is Necessary

In today’s digital landscape, video content isn’t just popular; it’s dominant. For instance, it’s reported that marketers using video marketing made revenue 49% faster than organizations not using video marketing.

This statistic underscores the crucial role that video plays in content consumption today. Think about it, when you get home from work, you could probably find yourself trying to wind down by scrolling through social media or watching YouTube videos. Video content is captivating and makes learning how to improve your business enjoyable. Many businesses use video to improve their online presence and connect with their audience

Professional Video Package

Elevate Your Brand with Cinematic Precision

We designed our Professional Video Package for businesses aiming to make a significant impact in their market. This package includes a main video and 20 short-form videos that are great for boosting your social media and website presence. Our skilled videographers use high-quality equipment to film on-site. They create videos that highlight your unique value proposition and the specific services you offer.

The type of content this could include a testimonial video, an explainer video, a branding video, a company history video, product video, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Key Features Of This Package Include:

On-Site Excellence

Our professional videographers will capture the essence of your brand during a dedicated 1-2 hour on-location shoot.

Tailored Production

Every phase, from pre-shoot planning to post-production, is meticulously aligned with your business objectives.

Guided Pro package

Your Story, Professionally Told

For those looking to control their narrative with a more hands-on approach, our Guided Pro Video Package offers a self-service model. Utilizing your iPhone, Android, or other professional camera, you can create authentic content from anywhere. This package supports you with professional editing to transform your raw footage into polished, engaging videos.

Highlights Of This Package Include:

Professional Advice

Access videos that demonstrate how to use lighting, camera, and set up scenes for filming. The videos provide guidance on the best tools for success. You will know how to optimize your filming setup with these resources.

Creative Freedom

Film your content on your terms, then rely on our skilled editors to refine it.

Starter Video Package

Maximize Engagement with Minimal Effort

Our video starter package is perfect for those who need quick and efficient video solutions. Create videos that connect with your viewers using ready-made templates, popular sounds, and stock images or videos.

Package Benefits Include:

Simplified Process

A pre-editing consultation ensures that your videos are perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Trendy and Timely

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and sounds to keep your content fresh and engaging.

ZipLocal Video Packages

Adding video to your marketing plan can increase your brand’s visibility. It also helps create a more engaging and memorable experience for your audience. Ziplocal has new video packages for all types of businesses, no matter their budget.

Starter Video

Stock Assets

Video editing with trending sounds and templates using stock videos/images and/or client-provided photos.

Includes 5 10-30 second edited videos optimized for social media engagement

All Footage is Professionally Reviewed and Edited

Guided Pro Video

(Customer Generated Content)

A self-service package where clients can film on their own time with professional guidance.
Includes 15 10-30 second edited videos optimized for social media engagement
We will provide you with an instructional video on camera quality, lighting, background, script, etc.
All Footage is Professionally Reviewed and Edited

Professional Video

(Professional Videographer)

Includes one main 2-3 min. (max) branding, testimonial, or company video
15 10-30 second videos optimized for social media engagement
2 Hour On-Site Shoot with Professional Videographer
All Footage is Professionally Reviewed and Edited

Ready to elevate your brand with powerful video content?

Choose the right Ziplocal video package for your needs and start making a lasting impact today. Click below to begin transforming your digital presence. Let’s create something unforgettable together!

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