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Refine Your Marketing in the Slow Season

January 4, 2023

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It’s common for a lot of businesses to have peak seasons and off-seasons. Maybe your operation depends on certain weather conditions to bring customers or you sell a product that is more useful at certain times of the year. When you’re busy, it’s easy to stay focused on making sales and improving products. You can make your downtime just as productive by taking a look at boosting your marketing.

Clean Your Email List

Chances are you probably have an email list you use to send marketing and product offers to your customer base. Most businesses collect these emails through webpage sign-ups and opt-in offers during checkouts. This helps make sure that the people you are communicating with are interested in what you offer. Over time, some people may not want your services anymore, but don’t take the time to unsubscribe to your list. This is a time for your digital marketing team to do some cleaning. Go through your email list and see who hasn’t opened an email in more than 60 or 90 days. Send them a special message asking if they are still interested, and if they aren’t or you don’t get a response, take them off the list.

Audit Your Marketing Strategies

While you have a moment to reflect, look at the digital marketing tactics you tried in the past year or season. Pull data on changes in sales, revenue and engagement to see what worked and what didn’t. Some initiatives that you didn’t expect much from may have been surprisingly effective. If you find this, put more effort toward the things that are yielding results. At the same time, you and your marketers can cut down on things that are not working. Maybe that means reducing ad spending on platforms that haven’t shown much activity or changing the number of videos and posts you put out. It’s all about refining the most effective strategy. You should also consider if there are any other marketing methods you should be using.

Research Your Audience

The off-season is the perfect time to learn more about the people you’re trying to attract. Effective marketing is based on having good buyer personas. These are profiles of ideal customers for your business. You may find that your target audience has evolved. The group that you are trying to attract may have new interests or may have shifted their attention to new websites and social media platforms. It’s important to make the right changes so you can meet the customers where they are. This is also a good time to explore new audience segments. If you’ve expanded your services or product offerings, see if there is a new group of people you should be marketing to. This gives you the best chance to make the most sales.

Maximize Your Slow Season

When your business slows down a bit for the season, it’s a good time to catch your breath. It’s also a time for you to refine and refresh your digital marketing strategy. Take stock of what’s working and what’s not while diving deeper into who your customers are for great results. To get started, reach out to ZipLocal for a consultation.

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