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Paid Digital Advertising Accelerates Your Business



You already know how crucial it is for your website to show up first on Google’s search engine results page, but is your website up to par with your competitors? With PPC services from ZipLocal, your company’s web page can quickly appear at the top of the list for relevant searches. Over 3 billion Google searches are made every day, and more than 35 percent of online searches are prospective customers who could be looking for the types of products and services you offer. If you have a well thought out pay-per-click plan, you increase the chances that someone will come across your website and be inclined to call or make a purchase. When you have an excellent paid search campaign, your ads will consistently reach their intended audience and make an even more significant impact than organic search results alone.

 When you work with our AdWords marketing agency, you’ll see a big difference right away. The ads we place on Google will draw more clicks to your website, influence people to call your business,  and as a result, boost your sales. The goal is to create a campaign that will target your audience through segmentation, which provides a granular approach that is more effective. We set filters that target demographics, search patterns, and dynamic keywords to create specific groups with the intent to buy. This segmentation strategy helps reach people who are searching intending to purchase the product you’re selling or are more likely to use your services. Our experienced paid search advertising agency takes charge of your online marketing initiatives and provides you with impressive results that engage prospective new customers and ultimately lead to higher profits.

What are the Benefits of Paid Search Management Services?

Any marketer can develop a simple Google AdWords strategy, but burning through your budget or investing in weak keywords could put your return on investment in jeopardy. At ZipLocal, we provide paid search management services to handle everything from keyword research to landing page design. You don’t have to concern yourself with all the little details when we’re here to analyze the developments and provide you with a clear breakdown of the progress we’ve made. Our PPC agency has been in the industry for many years, so it makes us uniquely equipped to handle your campaign and bring about the most favorable outcome. We will keep a close eye on your company’s online advertising budget to make sure it’s being allotted most productively or steer it in the right direction. Part of our paid digital advertising services includes analyzing our progress, using A/B testing, and focusing on the keywords that yield the most effective results for your business.

 We have built an outstanding reputation, and it has meant businesses across a variety of industries trust our professionals to help them reach their target audience. With strategic use of PPC tools and management services, you can get closer to fulfilling your company’s financial goals in less time than other alternatives. Get peace of mind knowing your local PPC services are being handled by some of the most dedicated online marketing business professionals. An eye-catching ad for your company’s products and services will be instantly in front of potential customers searching for relevant keywords in your geographic area. When you have a successful pay-per-click campaign, you’ll utilize the right formula to help increase your click-through rate and engagement levels. Doing so will boost the chances that potential customers will make a purchase and raise profits. Our specialists in the field of paid search advertising are always happy to advise you, so don’t hesitate to speak with our team to see what we can do for you.

Quantify Your Paid Search Campaign’s Return on Investment

Local PPC services from ZipLocal are a fantastic way to get your name recognized and presented to the right groups of people. This is especially true considering how much traction this advertising method has gained in the digital marketing industry. The majority of businesses that do marketing online will opt to allocate a large portion of their budget towards paid search because it has a much more immediate result than other options. While organic search engine optimization (SEO) takes months to deliver results, a strategically placed ad can immediately draw website traffic and sales leads. However, paid digital advertising is a tricky marketing technique that requires plenty of upfront research, planning, and constant evaluation to keep your campaign on track. It takes a dedicated PPC agency that knows how to translate the data to put together a plan that will pay off for your business in the end.

We believe that well-done PPC should have the capacity to show you precisely what the trends are and how much money you are spending. Our knowledgeable paid search advertising agency is committed to offering transparent reporting and easy-to-understand stats that make it easy for you to see how your budget is being put to work. With this information, you can see which part of your campaign is performing the best. Based on our analysis, we will either continue down that route or reevaluate and adjust our methods. You’ll get useful insights that measure how many times your ad was viewed and how many smartphone calls were derived from your ad. Your campaigns should be evaluated by a specialist to ensure that funds are allocated correctly and that you will get the most return on investment. AdWords management services are an indispensable part of your business in today’s modern, technologically advanced era.

How Do SEO and PPC Work Together?

SEO services can help you get to the first page of the Google results page by targeting local markets, improving content on your website, and influencing customer engagement. A good SEO strategy will incorporate quality content, backlinks, and alt tags, among other things, to satisfy the algorithm and increase your website’s geo-targeted organic results. Even though this is effective, it can take several months for Google to crawl your website, index pages and begin ranking it higher and higher on their SERPs. This is where our experienced paid search advertising agency comes in to play; we offer our expertise in SEO and PPC best practices to benefit your company’s marketing objectives. Our AdWords management services combined with organic search optimization creates a strategic approach that lets you gain more visibility on the first search engine results page.

Paid digital advertising provides a practical way to immediately call attention to new products and services, while your SEO efforts allow you to rise to top spots over time. Using both strategies at the same time and targeting specific keywords will let you cover your bases. You also won’t have to wait to begin seeing engagement on your website and getting new customers to interact with your pages. When SEO and PPC services work together, you can virtually dominate the first page of Google when someone searches for your keywords and local businesses in your geographic location. Our full-service paid search management techniques are robust enough that you can be positive about getting the results you want when you combine them with a content-enhancing SEO strategy.

Choose ZipLocal PPC Management Services

Since 1971, ZipLocal has helped countless businesses get noticed by their local customer base. As we’ve expanded into digital marketing over the years, we’ve grown into a full-fledged paid search-advertising agency that offers a series of useful online services. We offer end-to-end solutions that demonstrate your customer’s journey and align with your business objectives, which ultimately drive sales results. Our AdWords management services can take your business to the next level by putting you in front of potential customers who are already searching for products and services just like yours. Don’t lose out on acquiring new business when billions of searches are being made on Google every day.

We’re happy to discuss your options before you begin, so you can get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our local PPC agency takes the reins so that there’s a professional overseeing your campaign at all times. Whether we’re researching relevant keywords, segmenting your audience, monitoring and reevaluating, we’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of your paid search initiatives. Just get in touch with our AdWords marketing team by filling out our online contact form or call us at 855-ZIP-LOCAL (947-5622) to learn more.