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Premium  PPC Advertising Services

ZipLocal offers premium PPC management services for your company’s online marketing campaign.

In addition to our localized options, we offer premium packages that ensure fast, trackable results for businesses who need their Pay-Per-Click advertising to do more. So our accelerated digital advertising drives relevant traffic to your website, leading to quicker conversions.

ZipLocal – Your PPC Management Partner

ZipLocal is a reliable premium PPC management agency with experts who have experience in the industry, so your marketing dollars are working for you. With dedicated account managers, Google Analytics Integration, social media marketing, and fully customizable options, we have a package for everyone. As a way of purchasing visits to your website, premium pay-per-click marketing with ZipLocal pushes harder against your competitors and targets your clients in multiple locations. When you partner our PPC marketing services with our premium packaging options, your business is positioned perfectly for astounding results and attainable conversions.

Choose the Premium PPC Management package that’s best for you

Most popular packages


Premium PPC management to reach your targets in multiple locations

Tier 1 – $1,500+ $300
Tier 2 – $3,000+ $600
Tier 3 – $4,500+ $900

(Monthly AdWords Budget + Management Fee, Respectively)

$500 one-time setup fee

5 Custom Landing Pages
Up to 8 Total Cities Targeted

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

Standard Display Ads

Dedicated Account Manager

Attribution Call Tracking

Search Remarketing (text ads)

Monthly Strategy Review

Quarterly Audit & Configuration Update


An advanced strategy to reach farther and push harder against competitors

Tier 1 – $6,000 + $1,020
Tier 2 – $7,500+ $1,275
Tier 3 – $9,000+ $1,530

(Monthly AdWords Budget +
Management Fee, Respectively)

$1000 one-time setup fee

10 Custom Landing Pages
Up to 14 Total Cities Targeted

Everything in Basic, plus:

Custom Image Display Ads

Google Analytics Integration

Monthly Audit & Configuration Update


Comprehensive PPC advertising that includes social ads

Tier 1 – $10,500 + $1,575
Tier 2 – $12,000+ $1,800
Tier 3 – $13,500+ $2,025

(Monthly AdWords Budget +
Management Fee, Respectively)

$1500 one-time setup fee

15 Custom Landing Pages
Up to 20 Total Cities Targeted

Everything in Competitive, plus:

Facebook Ads (profile creation if needed)
(ad budget divided between AdWords
& Facebook as desired)

Weekly Performance Reporting

Social Remarketing


A highly advanced solution for businesses serving numerous cities

Custom Monthly Pricing
Starting at:

$15,000 + $2,250

(Monthly AdWords Budget +
Management Fee, Respectively)

$2000 one-time setup fee

Custom packages include everything from standard packages, plus any additional cities or landing pages needed.

Pricing is determined based on budget desired, plus management fee percentage, and adjusted based on additional landing pages or cities needed.

ZipLocal offers a variety of packages to fit your business’s budget and needs. More importantly, Our PPC Management experts are here to help you make sure that your advertising dollars are spent well!

Premium PPC FAQS

What are remarketing ads?

Remarketing ads are targeted ads that will show up to users that have already visited your website. Remarketing is a great way to continue to advertise to potential customers that have already expressed interest in your product or service by visiting your site!

What is the difference between PPC and CPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, which is a type of digital advertising. CPC or Cost-Per-Click refers to the average amount that’s paid for each click that’s obtained through PPC ads.

Premium Services from the Professionals at ZipLocal

For a comprehensive online marketing approach, turn to the professionals at ZipLocal. We have the tools and strategies you need to generate leads and make conversions. Our premium services help small and large businesses across the United States reach new customers in the surrounding area. When people are looking for products and services near them, your website could be among the top results if you have a solid SEO strategy. Google’s algorithm picks up on various factors, including the use of relevant keywords and phrases that people are searching for when they’re looking for businesses like yours.

People are often looking things up in search engines because they want a website to answer questions or because they want to buy a product or service. Search engine algorithms direct them to optimized websites whose topics are most applicable to the keywords they typed in. Online marketing is more sophisticated than many might think because it’s just as much about the person reading your content as it is about meeting the website crawler’s criteria. If your website is optimized appropriately, it could be one of the first to rank on Google’s results pages. Capture customers’ attention, answer their questions, and entice them to learn more with strong calls to action. Local search is your opportunity to show your business is relevant to what they’re searching for. It also shows them that you offer conveniently located services to meet their needs.

We’ve been leaders in the world of marketing since 1971 when we started out as a phone directories company and branched out into the online realm in 2010. You can trust our expertise in the field of marketing to take you to the next level and make you more profitable. Local search is even more important for businesses in competitive fields because they may otherwise get drowned out by others in their industry. That’s why we offer different tiers of service that allow you to stay a part of the conversation no matter what you’re looking to spend on online marketing. We’ll make it worthwhile for you by delivering excellent results, whether we’re working on your SEO content, backlinks, or your website’s graphic design.

Let's Work on Your Online Marketing Campaign!

We are happy to get you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about our services. Our representatives will walk you through the different packages and let you know how the features will benefit your online marketing campaign. Everything we offer works in conjunction to increase your visibility on the internet, especially on Google, because it’s where the vast majority of people find their information. We can help you appear more professional and connect you with new and repeat costumes in your area.

At ZipLocal, our aim is to provide you with a premium local search package that suits your budget and will help you achieve the types of results you want to see. If you’re having difficulties ranking or your website needs a better user interface, we have a skilled team to help you achieve a new and improved online presence. When you have quality SEO content that’s geo-specific and an overall optimized website, you can more easily reach new customers through organic search traffic. Market what your business has to offer in a more technologically advanced and strategic way.

Speak with our experienced online marketing professionals to learn more about what we can do for you. There are numerous ways you can stay relevant and connect with your target audience near you. Take a look at the packages we offer, learn more on our website, or simply reach out to us for further information. Local search marketing has come a long way, and it takes an experienced team to get you to the top, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. You may fill out our contact form or just call us to receive immediate information today.