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Increase customer engagement and repeat business!

Increase Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business!

Does your small business struggle to compete against big box retailers or larger service providers? A crowded field of competitors can be intimidating but can also present the unique opportunity to set your small business apart by building close relationships with your potential customers.

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Complement Your Existing Marketing Plan

Ziplocal’s ZipLoyalty business solution is the perfect complement to your existing marketing plan. ZipLoyalty allows you to reach customers easily – on the go! Stop wasting money on mailers that get lost or manpower to leave voicemails. Reach your customers affordably and effectively through ZipLoyalty’s mobile marketing solution.

ZipLoyalty Benefits

475258269ZipLoyalty helps your business reach customers about sales, promotions, surveys and other initiatives through quick and easy text marketing and social media tools.

Some business owners hesitate to initiate mobile marketing out of fear that their efforts will be too expensive, bothersome to customers, or time consuming. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your customers must opt in to receive mobile marketing communications, ensuring that your communications reach your most loyal customers and that your money is spent wisely.

In fact, 97% of all text marketing messages are opened by consumers – making it the most effective form of marketing in the world of small business. ZipLoyalty mobile marketing will help your business build a base of repeat customers which leads to increased sales and revenue generation.

Features of ZipLoyalty

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.59.32 PMZipLoyalty is one business solution that expands your ability to reach customers in a wide variety of ways. ZipLoyalty works by allowing you to send text messages out to your VIP clients, quickly notifying them of sales, appointment openings, and other important information. Your customer will feel special after receiving real time updates from your business – making them more loyal over time.

ZipLoyalty allows your business to do the following:

  • Notify your customers of sales and special promotions. This will not only drive foot traffic to your business but will encourage customers to bring friends and purchase additional items once they arrive.
  • Fill cancelled appointment slots, even at the last minute.
  • Send appointment reminders. This is especially important for retaining customers and avoiding costly no-shows.
  • Gain valuable customer feedback, allowing you to continually improve your services and product offerings.

ZipLoyalty helps customers recognize your business instantly and feel rewarded for their loyalty. In addition to direct text messaging, ZipLoyalty messaging can also be linked to social media pages as well as to your print advertising efforts – only expanding your reach!

When you purchase ZipLoyalty for your business, Ziplocal provides one on one support so that you can quickly communicate with customers and manage your business. Let the power of mobile technology work for your business, not against your schedule.


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What Our Customers Say about ZipMobile

“I think Ziplocal is a great way to help expand our business, attract new business and new clientele. Getting up and running with Ziplocal was a breeze…Working with Ziplocal is only another great way to build exposure and client base here at Aspen Leaf Recording. I would certainly recommend Ziplocal, from what I know now about their many services to other clients of mine that have their own businesses. I think it would be a great opportunity for them, and for others.” Aspen Leaf Recording and Production

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