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Did you know that the average person is exposed to over 5,000 advertisements a day? Between television, radio, the Internet, and billboards it can become easy for your target customer to completely tune out all that’s being directed their way. As a local business, if you are not able to reach your customers where they are looking, you’re losing exposure, sales and slowing your growth potential. Ziplocal helps prevent this from happening.

Benefits of ZipUp

Get found where your customers are searching. More than 3 billion unique Google searches are performed every day – and over 35% of these searches are your potential customers, looking for local goods or services. If Google and other search engines are not ranking your business highly, those customers are not finding you.  ZipUp is Ziplocal’s search optimization solution. Our team can help boost your business’s online presence and help you reach the people who need your products or services.

ZipUp is uniquely able to get your business listed in over 100 online directories, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. We’ll provide you an interactive dashboard where you can keep track of your exposure and see where you need to focus your efforts in order to be even more successful. The best part?  ZipUp does all the work, leaving you more time to manage your business.

 Local Search Optimization

ZipLocal offers four packages specifically designed to help ensure that your local customers can find your business online.

Premium SEO Services

When you are ready to expand the reach of your business beyond your local area, ZipUp has got you covered! ZipLocal has four options for actively managed, premium SEO service.

What Our Customers Say about ZipUp

“The variety of products that Ziplocal offers is phenomenal. It’s allowed us to advertise in multiple avenues…also working with major search engines through Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Some of the significant improvements that Ziplocal’s offered for us is business growth, through advertising which has helped us establish ourself as a leader in our industry. The customer support with Ziplocal has been fantastic…Their website design and management was great to work with…Their customer service is always friendly and prompt. They just do a very good job, it’s like talking to a friend…I would definitely recommend Ziplocal to others, in fact, I already have. What I would tell them is how great, or how easy they are to work with, and how affordable they really are.” Rocky Mountain Cleaning and Restoration

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