Top Marketing Trends for Boosting Your Home Service Business

February 22, 2023

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Trends for Marketing Your Home Service Business

Whether you’re a housecleaner, a home inspector or a handyman, promoting your business to potential customers means keeping up with twenty-first-century marketing practices. To make the most of marketing trends in the home services industry, you first need to know what those trends are. Only then can you judge what tools and support you need to sell your services to today’s homeowners.

SEO Marketing Trends in the Home Services Industry

Search engine optimization has been trumpeted as an essential part of promoting your business ever since the birth of Google. However, SEO is not as easy as packing keywords into a static web page anymore. Machine learning is making Google’s ability to judge your site’s quality more sophisticated than ever, and your placement in search results will reflect that reality. Google’s LSAs (local service ads) offer a powerful means to market your home service business at the top of search results. The power of search will continue to be of primary importance, no matter what other marketing trends in the home service industry arise. If you’re unsure of how to maximize your web marketing for Google’s all-seeing eyes, getting expert help is a must.

Getting Mobile and Social in Your Marketing

Your company’s social media footprint is as important as your website, and these days both of them are more likely to be viewed on a customer’s phone rather than a PC. Having a mobile-optimized website will likely boost your search ranking, while informative and engaging social marketing builds your reputation as a trusted expert. Your marketing efforts help you build relationships with potential customers; both mobile accessibility and social media can deepen those relationships. If SEO helps people find you, your mobile website and presence on “the socials” will keep them coming back.

Video Marketing Trends in the Home Services Industry

You may not be familiar with video marketing in your business, but you’ve almost certainly made use of it personally. Think about the last time you watched a how-to video on YouTube. The creator of that content was likely someone who wanted to display their knowledge and promote their related business, right? Video marketing like this is not only very popular with consumers, but also a great way to establish your expertise. From simple maintenance tips to warnings about homeowners taking on dangerous repairs, even a short video can leave a big impression on your customers. Of all the marketing trends in the home services industry, video content may be the most exciting—or the most intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Marketing trends will grow more refined as technology and consumer whims change. To enhance your home service company’s marketing, contact ZipLocal for a free consultation today.

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