Professional Website Design Company in Provo, Utah

Millions of Internet searchers look for local businesses online. Do you know if your website is a top search result?

An efficient, appealing website is your online representation and essential to the expansion of any business. If you don’t already have a business website, you need to iniate an online presence immediately. Perhaps you already have a website but it’s not doing the trick. In either case, it’s time to receive qualified website design services from ZipLocal.

Most importantly, your site needs to be easily searchable. No matter how appealing and user-friendly it is, your website must be structured with specific themes in mind and updated often if you want it to appear in local search results. When you use a website designed by ZipLocal, your business is sure to be discovered by customers.


Why Use ZipSites Solutions

ZipLocal’s ZipSites allows your business to find new customers through a website that is efficiently structured, frequently improved and quick to find. ZipSites perform well in online searches, look amazing and function perfectly on smartphones, tablets and all devices. The easiest part of using ZipSites is that your website can be completely managed by our team of website design professionals, so you can use your time running your business.

If you prefer to directly look after online content and only want help creating a sturdy platform that does well in search engine results, ZipSites can aid with these requirements as well.


A Solution for Every Business

With ZipSites, there are four singular solutions, all of which will create the online presence necessary to connect with your customers when they really need your services most.


ZipSites E-Commerce Solution

Features all of the benefits included in the Premium ZipSites solution, as well as:

  • An online store where you can sell products
  • SSl certificate

This is a perfect solution for retail businesses who want to expand their customer base by offering online purchases.


ZipSites Premium Solution

Offers all the benefits ofincluded in the full-service ZipSites Solutions, along with:

  • 8-15 pages
  • Optional email capture
  • Logo creation
  • Up to 5 PDF forms
  • Ability to add additional page bundles

Premium ZipSites are perfect for business owners who want to take their website presence to the next level.


ZipSites Full Service Solution

All the benefits of the Starter ZipSites Solution, as well as:

  • 4-8 pages
  • Upgraded features like event calendars, blogs, coverage area maps, pop-up forms and more
  • Custom website forms

These sites are perfect for business owners who aren’t technologically savvy and need assistance building a strong foundation for their online success.


ZipSites Starter Solution

Features the benefits listed below:

  • 1-3 Pages
  • Custom Domain Name
  • 2 Set of Monthly Changes
  • Responsive Website Design for Mobile Optimization
  • Keyword Analysis and Report
  • Professional Copy Writing
  • Search Engine Optimized Images
  • SEO Groundwork like Sitemaps, and Unique Page Titles and Descriptions
  • Up to 5 Custom Email Addresses
  • DIY Access to Your Website Upon Request
  • Premium Analytics and Monthly Performance Reports
  • Access to Our Digital Support Team for Support


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