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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your customers connect with your business online. SEO ensures your business is visible to your target audience where and when they are looking for your products or services. We build content around their interests to boost relevant traffic and improve conversions. By targeting keywords that align with their search intent, we ensure your online presence is relevant and search-engine friendly.

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60,000+ Searches Happen Each Second


of people never scroll past the first page of search results


year-over-year growth for searches for local business


of users research a product or service before making a purchase

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Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a business for search queries that are location-specific. This type of optimization is an essential tactic for service-based businesses. As many as 73% of consumers use proximity search to find business information. Local SEO makes your business visible to those searching customers, making sure you’re seen by the right people at the right time.

Premium SEO

Premium SEO goes a step further and works to optimize the quantity and quality of relevant visits to your website through organic search results. This type of SEO expands the reach of your potential audience and is suited best for businesses serving a larger geographic area.

  • Extensive audit of your business website
  • Engaging content creation tailored specifically to your target audience
  • Link/backlink network building
  • Optimized user experience (load speed, mobile-friendliness, and site structure to minimize bounce rates)
  • Submission to top directories (business citations)
  • Website back-end technical optimizations
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5 SEO Packages to choose from


    The SEO Marketing Solution for the best local visibility is the Gold Package. You'll have a presence in the local map pack for relevant searches in your market/industry classification.

    • Optimized For relevant industry classifications (custom categories when applicable)
    • Submission to Top Directories (Business Citations)
    • Google Listings Fully Optimized
    • Key Phrase Queries Tracked Monthly
    • Access to Dedicated Account Manager
    • Quarterly Business Review (QBR) with Account Manager
    • Two (2) Monthly GMB Posts
    • Product Post or Bi-Monthly Business activity (where applicable)
    • ZipReviews Included
    • No Website Required
    • (ZipLocal offers website development, click HERE)


    The Ruby Package is an entry-level SEO Package designed to help you maximize your visibility to potential customers looking for products and services in your primary market.

    Optimized for your Location as well as the immediate surrounding area.
    • Optimized for your core business services
    • Up to 1 New content post* (every other month, as needed)
    • Submission to relevant directories (citations)
    • Outreach Every Other Month
    • Technical Website Optimizations
    • Client Website Required
    • Google Reporting Properties set up/verified
    • Includes all deliverables included in the GOLD Package


    This is our most popular package because it provides a more advanced option for a business serving a larger geographic area. Not only do we target more areas, but we’ll also create new SEO copy designed to boost your Online Presence for your products/services. You’ll also get to discuss any new developments and goals with your account manager during a monthly follow-up. You get everything offered in the Ruby account and more.

    Optimized for your Location as well as an expanded surrounding area.
    • Optimized for your core business services along with a more extensive list of sub topics around your core services.
    • Up to 2 New SEO Content Posts (every month, as needed)
    • Client Website Required
    • Everything in Ruby, plus:
    • Dedicated Account Manager (outreach every month)
    • Backlink Profiling & Junk-Link Disavow (semi-annually, as needed)
    • Includes all deliverables included in the GOLD Package


    Another advanced premium solution for a business serving an even more expanded geographic area. With this more aggressive package, you can reach quite a few search engine users in your region. With the Emerald package, we will deliver high-quality SEO content monthly to ensure your business stays relevant for your services/products when and where your customers are looking.

    Optimized for your region or equivalent geographic area.
    • Optimized for your core business services along with a more extensive list of sub topics around your core services.
    • Up to 5 New SEO Content Posts (every month, as needed)
    • Client Website Required
    • Everything in Sapphire, plus:
    • Search Console Insights
    • Includes all deliverables included in the GOLD Package



    If you are in need of an SEO package that does not fit into one of our standard offerings, we can create a custom SEO package around your specific needs. This package will require a custom quote.

    • Deliverables will be created for you around your specific business needs.

    Constant Performance Monitoring

    We monitor client performance constantly. When Google changes its algorithm (500+ times per year!), our advanced technology allows us to respond and adapt faster than other agencies, ensuring you’re always at the cutting-edge and retaining top-ranking positions in multiple cities.

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