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Email subject lines matter (and how to improve them)

April 16, 2015

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32308193_SLike it or not, the subject line can make or break an email campaign.  Are you being strategic with yours? Here are a few tips to take into account for your next email effort.

First, you need to provide customers with a reason to open your email. In other words, answer what’s in it for them. In a sea of hundreds of emails that the average customer receives daily there has to be some reason for them to pay attention to yours. “May Newsletter” isn’t very compelling and doesn’t inspire action.

How can you add value? For example, you could provide an opportunity for them to enter a contest, make money, save money, attend an event or anything else that they will be excited about, lead with that in your email subject. If the email content doesn’t have something they care about, then don’t send it to begin with.

Another way to drive the open-rate is to use clever or attention-grabbing copy. Think play on words or memes. However, use discretion. While it is important to stand out from a crowd, you need to be thoughtful about your use of emotional tactics and other tactics that affect the customer’s perception of you and your company. There is such a thing as pushing the envelope too far.

Email marketing should be just one piece of the digital marketing puzzle. We can help!

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