Social sharing: How to motivate people to share your brand’s messages

October 15, 2015

Website Designer

No brand should exist in a vacuum. You want people to know about you and your great products or services, right? One way to do this is through a compelling email marketing campaign. Here are a few ways to motivate subscribers to hit the “forward” button:

  • Embrace a targeted approach. Successful brands know how to speak to a specific group. The more pointed content they include in their emails causes more subscribers to forward it. After all, if you as a consumer are interested in a niche subject, you likely have friends who are interested in the same things.
  • Create a call to action. Research has shown asking people to share with their networks often results in them hitting “forward.” The bottom line: ask and you shall receive!
  • Keep the subject line simple. Too many ideas can cloud the message. Also, from a forwarding perspective, a one-subject email is cleaner because there’s no need to explain which piece of content the person should read.
  • Minimalism wins over clutter when it comes to design. Forget fancy coding; the emails with simple design will always win in the sharing game.

A winning email marketing strategy should be part of your overall strategy. Are you willing to put the time in?

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