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Get Your Business Recognized Using Local SEO


March 24, 2022

Website Designer

Using Local SEO To Improve Your Online Presence: The Importance Can Not Be Overstated for Businesses

Today’s online marketplace offers the potential for significant returns for local businesses. Google Local Results are quite literally the modern/digital version of the phonebook. Imagine a time before the internet existed where a business was not found in the phone book and ask yourself if that would have been a good idea. However, many businesses face the issue of getting noticed in an increasingly crowded internet environment.  It is also important to understand how Local Search works so that you know how using local SEO to improve your online presence can be a game changer for your business.

You need comprehensive, strategy-first digital marketing that tracks return on investment so you see the value of your advertising investment. Local SEO uses location-specific optimization, so your business appears in local search queries.

What Local SEO Does for Your Marketing Strategy

Local SEO provides search results for a user’s current location. For small businesses, this is a remarkable advantage when your company ranks at the top of Google search results for your city or region. These are four reasons local SEO is essential for small businesses:

  1. Targets local customers
  2. Offers the highest ROI of all forms of online marketing
  3. Connects people doing mobile searches to your business
  4. Gives your business the authenticity that customers desire

Being located through online searches is so crucial that at least 40% of small businesses outsource their local SEO marketing work. Companies understand the importance of driving community traffic, and most customers prefer to buy locally when possible.

Why Google Is the Online Phonebook

For years, the phonebook was essential for finding local business information. Google Local Map Pack now fills this role on search engine results pages. Optimizing your website for local SEO is an excellent way to boost rankings and improve visibility. You build a web presence that draws customer attention.

People frequently use Google Local Map Pack to find businesses. With the help of near me searches, users are directed to local businesses. People can read reviews, get directions and make quick purchasing decisions. Like phonebooks, your business information is at hand and easy to use.

How Print Marketing Gets the Word Out

The popularity of online marketing has decreased the focus on print advertising. For small businesses with brick-and-mortar locations, print media remains an important tool for advertising. Print ads with strategic placements are invaluable in local business areas. Additionally, print media works with local SEO to target your customer base.

Where SEO Boosts Your Engagement

Research shows 46% of Google searches seek local information. SEO content drives customers to your website and Google Local Map Pack information. Local SEO that is effectively working for your business has cumulative benefits. These are areas where SEO has significant effects on your marketing success.

  • Google rankings
  • Website views
  • Business traffic

When people notice your business through online platforms, you see customers coming to your door. The best part is that SEO works for you 24/7. Paid ads are costly, provide limited returns, and get views only when ads are running.

When You Need Professional Digital Marketing Services

Zip Local is the team you need to put your small business on the digital map. We approach digital marketing with strategies that make sense for businesses and provide a clear ROI. We are a full-service agency that combines cutting-edge technology and expert marketing concepts to give you creative and effective web solutions. We offer print advertising to expand your business reach. Contact us for a free website analysis and get ready to maximize your results.





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