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How Marketing Helps Roofers and Home Improvement Companies

July 19, 2022

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Marketing For Roofers and Home Improvement Companies: Why It is Important for Growth

To grow a business, you must build and grow a customer base. That’s especially important for home improvement companies, which rely on projects from clients to bring in money. But what’s the best way to reach those new customers? In today’s technology-driven world, creating a marketing plan for home services companies is the way to go.

Word of Mouth Is Not Enough

Many home services businesses like roofers have historically relied on word of mouth to get new clients. You do an excellent job for someone, they refer you to a friend or relative, and you pick up a new client. However, the way people live and make decisions has changed. First, people tend to be a bit more independent these days. They may not live near family or have as large of a network of friends as you would think, so recommendations don’t happen as often. Also, people have gotten used to searching online and finding the service they need. This is why marketing plans for roofing companies and other businesses are so needed.

Digital Marketing Makes the Difference

So what goes into a digital marketing plan for a business like a roofer? At ZipLocal, we start by evaluating what you already have in place. Does your website work well on computers and mobile devices? Are you getting enough attention in local search results? Once we identify your obstacles, we can make a strategy to improve your business. For a roofing company a digital marketing makeover, improving search engine optimization, or SEO, is a critical component to boosting business. You want people to be able to find your business just by searching a term like “roofers near me” as opposed to finding you only by searching your company name. Improving the company website also makes a big difference in attracting new customers. Your website is more than just a contact page. It’s a place to connect with people and show them why you’re the best option for their needs. A quality site will have extra content to help inform customers. This also helps your site rank higher in search engines. And don’t forget social media! Companies have to learn to engage with both current and potential customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you don’t have active pages, you need them.

An Investment Worth Making

Too often, roofers and home improvement companies think they don’t need to invest in digital marketing in their industry. However, every business in every category needs a marketing plan nowadays. There are so many different aspects to your digital presence that influence whether someone will do business with you that you can’t afford to neglect this part of your operation. We know digital marketing can seem like something that is very unrelated to home improvement business, but it really isn’t. It’s one of the best tools to keep any business growing and profitable, so it has to become a priority. However, business owners don’t have to go it alone. When you’re ready to create the right strategy for your operation, reach out to ZipLocal to get started now!

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