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Online Marketing Services

Are you showing up on search engine results pages for all the cities you serve?


ZipLocal is the authority for premium online marketing services. Our experience and success rate in the search engine optimization industry sets us far ahead of the competition. As a local search marketing company, we know SEO and how to expand the reach of your business operations beyond your immediate vicinity. Our premium organic search packages are competitively priced and include everything you need to rank in the areas you want at an affordable rate. So, no matter what your budget is, we have solutions to offer your business.

Online marketing is essential in today’s business environment because it’s how you can get in front of the most people. In today’s technologically advanced age, many people use search engines to find the services they need. That’s why it’s imperative for you to appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and be seen first by potential customers in your area. Big and small companies alike can unlock a lot of potential by reaching out to new customers online. What does our premium SEO marketing entail? At ZipLocal, we have premium local search marketing packages designed to get your business ranking on SERPs through organic traffic.

Rather than focusing on getting clicks, we’re here to help you get conversions. We go to where our customers are paying attention and engage them with quality content that brings them value. We also produce content that is in line with search engine algorithms, which are ever-changing and require you to stay at the cutting edge of industry developments. With premium SEO marketing solutions from ZipLocal, you can reach audiences in your area and beyond.

Packages for Local Search Marketing Results

ZipLocal has different level packages that keep your business needs in mind, whether you’re a small or large organization. Our SEO experts have created the best online marketing options to ensure your site ranks well and is seen by your target audience. We will target regional cities to help you attract nearby clients that are searching with the intent to buy your products and services. We also optimize pages monthly or as needed to ensure you continue to rank for specific keywords and phrases your clients look up on search engines.

In addition to writing quality content, we perform a series of website optimizations that work together to make you rank. This may include backlinks, Google listings, back-end technical adjustments, and graphic design services for your website. You’ll have a dedicated account manager to set goals with, and they’re always there if you want to touch base or have any questions or concerns. We will provide you with monthly progress reports, so you know how your website is performing and what we can work on next.

Our premium search marketing team will take the time to consult with you to understand your needs and budget. We will connect you with the SEO package that makes the most sense for you, so you can get organic leads and new customers from every city you serve. With ZipLocal handling your SEO, you can have peace of mind knowing your money is being well spent on services that’ll drive traffic to your website and convert leads into repeat customers.


The Ruby package is an introductory premium solution to start expanding beyond your home city. We’ll target a few local areas to help you reach potential customers looking for products and services like yours. Our team will optimize pages and make sure that all the back-end technical work is being done right. In addition, your account manager will be in contact every other month to give you progress updates.

  • Up to 4 Total Cities Targeted
  • 5 Topics Organically Optimized
  • Up to 2 New SEO Content Pages (every other month, as needed)
  • Submission to 100+ Online Directories
  • Dedicated Account Manager (outreach every other month)
  • Website Back-End Technical Optimizations
  • Google Listing Optimized & Managed
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Advanced Website & Search Analytics
  • Backlink Profiling & Junk-Link Disavow
  • Client Website Required


This is our most popular package because it provides a more advanced option for businesses serving multiple cities. Not only do we target more areas, but we’ll also create new pages with SEO-friendly content for your website on a regularly scheduled timeframe. You’ll also get to discuss any new developments and goals with your account manager during a monthly follow up. You get everything offered in the Ruby account and more.

  • Up to 8 Total Cities Targeted
  • 5 Topics Organically Optimized
  • Up to 2 New SEO Content Pages (every month, as needed)
  • Everything in Ruby, plus:
  • Dedicated Account Manager (outreach every month)
  • Backlink Profiling & Junk-Link Disavow (semi-annually, as needed)
  • Client Website Required


Another advanced premium solution for businesses serving multiple cities is our Emerald package. With 14 total cities targeted, you can reach quite a few search engine users in your region. You can also add more pages with quality content month after month, which helps engage website visitors. Get additional stat insights from your account manager under this level of service.

  • Up to 14 Total Cities Targeted
  • 5 Topics Organically Optimized
  • Up to 5 New SEO Content Pages (every month, as needed)
  • Everything in Sapphire, plus:
  • Search Console Insights
  • Client Website Required


Finally, the Diamond package is the most advanced solution for serving numerous cities in your state. It also includes new pages, optimizations, graphic design options, and more. With this package, we take a comprehensive approach to local search and overall online marketing services. Let our marketing company take charge of any front-end and back-end services to help you rank in the SERPs and get you higher conversion rates.

  • Up to 20 Total Cities Targeted
  • 5 Topics Organically Optimized
  • Up to 10 New SEO Content Pages (every month, as needed)
  • Everything in Emerald, plus:
  • Google My Business
  • Graphics Design & Implementation
  • Backlink Profiling & Junk-Link Disavow (quarterly, as needed)
  • Client Website Required

Valuable Local Search for Your Business

What’s the most effective form of marketing? Many would argue that online marketing has a greater advantage over traditional forms because it captures people’s attention where they’re already searching. While there are still people looking through the yellow pages, it is much more convenient for them to search online directly on their smartphone. Local search marketing, in particular, brings value to your business by having related content on your website that interests customers and ranks well in the SERPs. Making your business appear in search results for nearby cities is a highly effective strategy because it allows you to cast a wider net.

At ZipLocal, we have a team of professional marketers, analysts, and content writers to direct your online marketing efforts. We take a targeted approach to reach specific geographic locations near you, where potential customers are searching for businesses like yours. From your website design to how we structure the content, we provide a comprehensive SEO strategy to engage readers and influence them to learn more. Our goal is to get you to the top of search engine results, have more people calling your business, and ultimately increase sales by turning site visitors into repeat customers.

We provide top tier services that set us apart from the rest of the competition. Our team leads the way in the local search marketing realm, and we’ve earned the trust of countless businesses that have seen positive results. You can reach your business goals too with help from ZipLocal, so don’t wait any longer to boost your marketing efforts. Organic search can seem elusive, but with our close eye on statistics, we can consistently get you to rank using our analysis-rich strategy.

SEO Marketing Services: FAQS

What is Local Search Marketing?

Local search marketing allows businesses like yours to reach audiences in regional cities near them. It makes for a more targeted approach and gives you a presence in local search engine results pages. That way, when potential customers look up services in their city, you’ll appear among the top businesses in their area. This is done by writing content that is categorized by nearby city names and includes keywords, such as the product, words linked to an overarching topic, pertinent phrases, etc. It’s easy to get drowned out on the internet with the abundance of information out there, but that’s where local search steps in to narrow down results to specific geographic locations.

With a solid and consistent strategy in place, you can outrank the competition and increase the number of leads you receive. Over an extended period, it’s important to continuously optimize existing pages and stay updated about changes in the algorithm. Bots crawl websites and will determine if your content is appropriate based on a series of factors, including image alt tags, headings, meta descriptions, and more. When you have a regional SEO game plan in place, you will be relevant to people searching for businesses near them, and it will keep you ahead of the pack.

What is Online Marketing?

When you have an online marketing plan, you are better able to promote your brand and services across all available mediums on the internet. An SEO strategy is one way you can get in front of the right audience and gain new customers through organic search. It’s one of the best ways to reach potential customers because it’s commonplace for people to search for products and services online and on their mobile devices. However, it’s not the only way; in fact, there are countless ways to do this. When these marketing techniques work in combination, they produce quick and powerful results.

Online marketing can include anything from social media, mobile phone optimization, and influencer marketing to pay-per-click and other digital advertising methods. The Internet has opened up a flood gate of ways to reach customers and make their experience more relevant and interesting to them. For businesses who want more traffic to their website, SEO content marketing is a highly effective tool. Although it takes time to reach the top of the SERPs, you could essentially dominate the front page of Google with the right approach. Having a strong online presence is vital if you want to stay competitive and relevant in the modern marketing landscape.

Why Does Premium SEO Require a Website?

Our Premium SEO packages are focused on helping you rank in local search engine results and bringing organic traffic to your website. We do this through website optimization, such as creating keyword centered content and pages directly on your website. Keywords and phrases describe the type of business you are and the services you offer, and they’re also the words and phrases customers type in when they’re searching online. When the content on your website matches what people are searching for, your website ranks higher, and it makes it easier for customers to find you.

That’s why a website is required to have us run a premium SEO campaign. Once you’ve purchased a domain and have your website hosted online, our team is here to design it and begin optimizing it right away. If you have an existing website, we will analyze its performance and pinpoint where it needs to be optimized. We’ll make sure that people will enjoy their experience on your website and that they’ll be able to find it on search engines. That’s what we’re all about at ZipLocal, and through our premium online marketing solutions, your company will have an easier time reaching new audiences.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link to your site from an external site. Backlinks to your website from reputable websites or sources can improve your SEO results. However, backlinks from low-quality sources or spam sites can hurt your rankings. This is why backlink profiling and disavow are essential parts of any optimization strategy. These inbound links vouch for your content, meaning it gives legitimate information that’s trusted by many other websites. It provides search engines the cue that your website is worth ranking higher, which is why link building is a good idea.

To ensure that your website isn’t seen as spam, we have experts that implement and monitor these backlinks. Any online marketing campaign should take advantage of the benefits of backlinking because it can help index your website faster, and it gets referral traffic to your site. It can be done with well-written content that catches the attention of other websites that therefore link back to your site. We make sure that your content is effective and that the inbound links are from reputable websites. When you execute backlinks correctly, it helps your local search strategy and lets you be seen online by customers who are searching for the products and services you offer.